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We are becoming more which we join in Farmville on Facebook. It is that in this game, we can disconnect us to feel far from the stress of life. Just relax, planting some seeds, harvest our crops, and observe how this game is a great way to leverage our time. Course, we will move forward with not only dedication but also upload levels. Leveling up quickly. Do you want to get to level 70 or more? But always reach a moment that we wish a little more than the game, there where we feel a little stagnant.

To pass level unlocks new seed and decorations added to other elements. It is obvious to tell you that in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your experience on Facebook Farmville, you’ll have the need to raise level faster. Are lucky because there are many ways to level up quickly in Farmville on Facebook. Well, we already know that in order to pass level, we must accumulate experience points. For example, each parcel of land we aramos us dara an experience point. First of all, about the beginning of the game, experience that points We receive ploughing the land and joined the planting of each crop we haran proceed at a reasonable pace, but after just the first few levels we will begin to require more experience to go up a level, i.e., things get a little complicated. Secret: To create experience points quickly in Farmville of Facebook, you have to attach to your winnings of crops other activities. I think that could be feasible to improve our farm with buildings or houses, which is what most points dan, well I think of elements of decoration or structure, very well remunerated. We must be attentive to the experience that points each article gives us; also pay close attention to the crops planted, that agreement from which we choose will be experience points that we will achieve.

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