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The second parameter provides the number of workers who are paid in payroll. Jeffrey M. Olympics has many thoughts on the issue. Solomon may help you with your research. The parameters work according to the industrialized is the respective country. Certain countries separated from the SME to microenterprises and rural actividades. Some include only the urban industry others include all urban and rural transformation of goods, services and trade activities. The most notorious parameters in countries of Latin America and Spain are: up to a maximum of 250 employees, annual sales of up to the equivalent of EUR 40 million, total assets by up to the equivalent of 27 million, ademas, than a large company or group of companies, directly or indirectly, not holds a stake, with the right to vote, by a percentage equal to or greater than 25% of the share capital of SMEs. Not be denied, that the SME is important for the generation of jobs and the social and economic growth of any country. In United States have developed a culture of SMEs with the maximum facilities in most States. The European Union requires many new jobs and expects to generate them with SMEs, creating them the necessary condiciones to new entrepreneurs and to make crecer existing SMEs.

The majority of the countries of the European Union have significant amounts of budget, with similar purposes for the SMEs. In Venezuela, the SME necesita of funding, research, training and dissemination of all its intrinsic values, both nationally and internacionalmente. In order to understand behavior, reach of SMEs is required to make use of a SWOT, above all to assess the organizational culture. Strengths SMEs DOFA matrix: management Financial information actual and timely (28.6%) Accounting organization (20.6%) Organization of inventories (13.4%) Production management organization of production (24%) Qualified and trained personnel (13%) Advanced technologies (11.3%) Marketing management, knowledge of the market (34%) knowledge of customers (product 20.3%),calidad (6.4%),gestion of human resources, employee satisfaction (48.1%))) Trained personnel (8.3%).

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