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Instead of eating a plate of it grazes after a race, it selects to a great salad and rich waste of picatostes in carbohydrates. When you eat in a restaurant, not only she puts under his body a variety of high fat foods, and stops in calories, but also she is being touched to eat one more a portion bigger than normally she could eat. Therefore, which could be a simple food of 500 calories, easily it can become a festival of 1500 calories of fat. With the purpose of to lower of weight by means of the reduction of calories, he is essential that you know exactly what you are putting in his body. Especially in the beginning of the new routine, it is important that it prepares its meals and to control its level of hunger.

When it leaves to eat, generally one is in a social situation where the food is not a priority but to spend time with its friendly is it. Therefore, the people tend to eat more of the habitual thing. Surely she does not eat dessert often, but she includes this extra round of calories, when this in a restaurant. If she must eat outside, she ayudese to itself avoiding the temptation to select a salad instead of a plate of grazes or a hamburger. You will be surprised of the difference in the amount of calories that consumes when doing simple elections, like the food option. When reducing the total ingestion of calories and increasing its level of activity physics, you will be able to lower 3,500 calories without many problems. Asegrese to remain trim, motivated and in the task. It will be able to lose the weight nonwished, in just a short time!

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