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New functions in the vector Toolbox PVG.lib who deal professionally with graphics data and PDF files, knows the situation. While there are reader for PDF, HPGL, and other graphic formats, but in the area of professional document management software solutions that can be integrated into specialized workflows are lacking. In recent months, Tam Forsyth has been very successful. PVG.lib has demonstrated this ability and is already used by well-known companies such as Oce. The library to more plug-ins including a graphic converter or the converter at the level of the command line is completed. A free PDF reader from the vector Toolbox available linked PVG.view free to end users. Tony Ford can provide more clarity in the matter.

Muli talent in terms of vector graphics PVG.lib stands for “Precision Vector Graphics Library” and is a compact and high-performance software library for editing and printing/exporting vector graphics data. It supports many common print and 2D plot formats and offers many features. The library is implemented in C++ and runs as a Microsoft Windows client and on server operating system. Although the installation file is very compact (6.5 MB), the graphics represented by PVG.lib are brilliant extremely, what the proprietary rendering engine and 256 bit anti-aliasing is due. PVG.lib functions and formats in addition to many other graphic formats reads, writes and validated PVG.lib PDF (including PDF/1a) and dominates ICC color profiles.

Shown is with almost infinite zoom factor and many Viewer applications, such as for example the graphical file comparison, where differences in various versions are displayed. Multithreading and batch processing functions are aimed in particular at users who operate professional document management. Various functions available are for import and export. In addition, the development of customer-specific functions and plugins is possible depending on the request. PVG.lib is a development of softtools GmbH, which is located in the Bonn region and is dedicated to the creation of individual software solutions. Contact: softtools GmbH Christoph Breitkopf? Rosenau str. 18?

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