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Imagine an equation with two variables “X” and “Y” … Let the “Y” – is a function of the social role of each of us in our state … and the “X” – is our identity … The equations in this country of somewhere around 140 million … Q: What must be equal to “X”, according to the State? Answer: If “X” in the equation is the coefficient, it is desirable to turn the argument to zero immediately on the spot, and if the equation is constructed solely on the basis of subtraction and addition, it is unlikely to be allowed to Iksu more items …

well … so not really discredited the proper and planned result of Y … since … And suddenly you Einstein, and then some of your individual quality can level the “X” and “Y”, and then only in very desperate situation … It turns out that all the same … and a function without arguments … just an argument does not affect the function … And if the power needs of our country in Our advice? Of course, I mean advice from individuals who are more units on their own …

without permission … I think it would be bad for the president to have a “help room” in solving national problems peculiar … referendum in his pocket … and spend money from the treasury is not necessary for the organization … All-formulated the question and immediately get a response from an interested audience … What kind of “yes”, “No,” “Solve it yourself” … organize the same this is a piece of cake … There were also implemented video surveillance at construction sites for fire victims … Straight to the Premier in the Kremlin … And there are only a … by means of the Internet to consult directly with the people … Absolutely nothing okay … then obviously there Craftsmen bungled President for a mobile gizmo … There is a President for that …? Analogues in the world … there is no need for this interest and involvement in the sovereign with our hand, I think, is obvious … Interested in a sovereign …? Allow anyone else to interfere in its affairs, Sovereign … Instant feedback … whether it is necessary …? For example: We were told that the Internet is conducted in all schools Russian Federation, then why have not all the students ask, “Do you need an exam,” and how it turns out, as in the song Vysotsky, “Well, what if I decided I’ll have something for sure .

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Both envelope weight and obesity are multifunctional posesos that can be corrected, although in the majority of cases cannot be achieved or takes much effort and suffering returning soon to be the same or worse still. The envelope weight usually sound the alarm of the body before you see a disease, things that we should bear in mind, most of the people come in a vicious circle that is it impossible to leave. The first thing we should do is learn a little bit about nutrition, because in most cases it would be convenient to take vitamins and mineral supplements, which help the body. Announce many pills and miracle diets but I think not serving, because obesity is still the problem of increasingly more people especially in the developed countries and the poor class. There are a number of easy things and rules that do not cost, effort or money but that does not interest the market, because but they would not sell, I would like them you show and hope that they will do for you what your day PEGA by my and change of life than me they provided.

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The Aragonese Carlos Pauner lives a worrying but controlled situation after cima in the Lhotse (8.516 m) yesterday. Although in the early days his status seemed critical the apinista arrived at Camp IV with symptoms of severe cerebral edema-, Pauner is already in the field II alongside Javier Perez and Juanito Oiarzabal mountaineers. From more than 6000 metres in height, the Aragonese has made a call to communicate that the medication that you are taking, oxygen and loss of height have made that these hours your health has improved. I am absolutely exhausted, me being very well and I just want to sleep, he said with a weak voice thread. Last April 4 Carlos Pauner launched a new expedition to the Himalaya with the goal of ascend the Lhotse and Gasherbrum II and become the first Aragonese in Crown the fourteen eight-thousanders in the world. Source of the news:: Pauner, in serious condition after Crown Lhotse.