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The market, in function of its geographical scope, can be classified into local, regional, national and international.Currently, the borders are more permeable and competition is characterized as transnational. Since the entry of Spain into the European Economic Community (EEC), Spanish businessmen have had ample opportunities to state this fact. Merger of mercadosLos objective of economic integration of the EEC are carried out through the common market, which consists of the customs union from twelve countries of Western Europe. Click Randall Rothenberg for additional related pages. Between these countries, passed a transitional period, there is freedom of movement of goods and capital, establishment of companies and professionals, and provision of services.

Through such merger of markets, the Spanish entrepreneur competes not only with businessmen from his country, but also with French, Italian, German entrepreneurs, etc., which can offer their products on the Spanish market on equal terms.Thus, by example, to integration of Spain into the EEC, the consumer could only acquire automobiles from a limited number of brands without paying import tax. Currently, many foreign companies have opened headquarters in Spain and brands such as Fiat, Vokswagen or Alfa Romeo cars are within reach of many consumers.Although the importance of the international market increases day by day, the local market, regional and national still have much important, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the geographical area, the market is divided into local, regional, national and international..

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JUSTIFICATION: The mark of the human being to be in acting and thinking, of this form, we construct to the world and the current society. Since the beginning of our history, to reach certain dreams or to get resulted, learn to create, to learn and to transform the world where we live. Interactive Advertising Bureau will not settle for partial explanations. For in such a way, we made choices, that is, we plan. We base on them on the reality, similar of, to determine where and of that it forms we would reach our objective. But, preceding to the planning, it was necessary to guarantee the bases for the construction of planning, that is, to evaluate e, to evaluate nothing more are of what discovering our position to define this base. Of this point of view, to evaluate and to plan were not dissociam, but if they locate side by side.

INTRODUCTION: ' ' The evaluation could be understood as a critical one of the passage of an action, either short it, either be drawn out. While the planning dimensiona what it is gone to construct, the evaluation subsidizes this construction, because it bases new decisions. (…) The evaluation will be, then, a system of critical of the proper project that we elaborate and we are desiring to lead ahead. (…) a loving act, a care act, for which all verify as they are creating its child and as they can work so that it cresa.' ' DEVELOPMENT: The planning being an act to direct and to dimensionar the scope politician, scientific and technician, the pertaining to school activities, has that to be fruit of the participation of all the educational actors. The decision of: as and what to make, it is not an isolated, but collective act, therefore the success for the construction of results of the estudantis activities, does not depend on the individuality and, yes of the full participation of all the ones that are involved in this atmosphere of significao.

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Thus, the universe of the research is centered in such points, as: the perspectives, reflections, conceptions and challenges of the education of young and adults in the Brazilian context. 4. QUARREL 4.1. The education of young and adults in the Brazilian scene? perspectives and challenges the EJA does not have to be thought as a professional work, therefore it always is treated as a lesser action, whose resulted they are measured, most of the time, for gotten statistical data through methods that can present resulted favorable. In the Brazilian scene the situation of the young education of much is preoccupying adult, it had advances, however it enough not to contemplate a great mass of people who are it are of regular education and that they look for to come back to study and well to its yearnings and desires are not taken care of and satisfied. Brazil presents given significant of the situation the EJA, therefore of each ten Brazilians with more than 15 years of age eight do not know to read and nor to write, this represents nothing than 14.1 million Brazilians who are illiterate according to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), understanding as illiterate more ' ' that person who does not obtain to read and to write a simple ticket written in the official language of pas' ' (IBGE, 2009). ' ' the citizens that delayed search the school, to alfabetizar itself, present innumerable characteristics differentiates that them of the children (…) represents, today, in some regions of Brazil, Latin America and all the countries who compose considered the third world, almost half of the population.

is a tendencialmente increasing contingent, to prevail to current educative, producing practical politics and of failure and exclusion escolar' '. (MOURA, 1999, p.116-117). In this direction, it is cautious to invest in public politics that reduce each time plus this contingent of people who do not know to read and to write and that they are of the regular process of education.

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About this wonderful program for viewing satellite TV, so much said and written that have nothing to add. I will add my impressions and some of the nuances. I have it set to Express AM – 22, in the same place and take-no. Additionally (Via daysik) grab the Hot Bird Express AM – 22. Tune to the main transponder: 10 974-V-32 223. The signal quality is sufficient for reliable reception of about 18 channels.

Three musical, Belarus, Peter, ORT Europe, and with some Afghan side. Hot Bird-1600 channels (all I will not list, and then take offense) works for me, “prog” in DVB-card TT-budget S-1401, referred to the hoi polloi Sky Star 3. The most unpretentious of all, I have seen. The only downside, the installation of the codec ProgDVB Elecard, must be “regitsya” on site and not without reason. But there are ways easier, download here: filters, shutters and see. The plugin: vPlug keys and a new plant (in the network, shaft) you will see “burzhuinskie” scrambled.

Solely in order to familiarize and make sure that they have a crisis. “Prog” is remarkable in that it is possible to record streaming video. Ie you look like, clip on Channel World Music Channel, press the “record” and you specified a folder to begin writing. Must consider a single “chip”, the record is in DVD format, ie one clip weighs approximately 130 – 150 “bags” (MB). So a folder to record “profits” for the biggest “screw”, and then call my mother, move away from the “company” on a certain number of minutes return, but it is full. Feed powerful clips go 24 hours without a break, write, do not be lazy. If I had not said, to pay for it, no nothing. You may want to voluntarily donate to the program as not sorry. Believe me, they deserve it. There are a lot of useful settings: Program Guide, PID recorder, scheduler, teletext, subtitles, favorites, etc. Language English and Russian. Adjust the sound and image. Transponders, ie parameters of the satellite channels must be periodically updated. Some channels “leave” from the satellite, while others appear. Transponders can be taken there on my site. Large choice of radio stations, music, news, etc. Record is in the MPEG – 2, then perekodiruesh in MP-3, to save disk space. The program will go and see, opens up all known formats. The picture quality, digital TV, it does not record on my mobile. Sound volume, Section 5.1 also ProgDVB, There are a few of these “prog”, all work roughly the same. Preferences depend solely on your choice. Happy viewing.

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In this period, 16 meeting with familiar and the pedagogical team had been carried through, being eight meeting in the year of 2004 and eight meeting in the year of 2005. In the first meetings of 2004 (1 and 2 meeting) the objectives of the group as well as the importance had been argued to give continuity to the work. The objectives are pautados in the formation, exchange of experiences, ' ' decises' ' of removed proposals of the proper group. It had the register, for the families, of the necessity of that the professors participated alternatingly of the meetings, telling the difficulties, the way as if it works with its children, standing out that it would help them to this to understand the position of the knowledge of the children. The first point of questioning in the reading of acts is the identification of frum. To each register in the act a different heading is given to the Frum: ' ' Meeting of Inclusiva&#039 education; ' , ' ' Frum de Pais de Crianas with NEE' ' , ' ' Frum of the Project of Politics of Inclusive Education in the Municipal School of Basic Education guia' ' ' ' Frum of Families of carrying Children of NEE' ' , being this used in nine acts.

Of 3 to 5 meeting of the Frum, had been carried through quarrels regarding the carrying person of deficiency in the society, the concepts of inclusion and as the family if it comes across with such reality. To reflect on the description of the carrying person of deficiency a lecture was carried through, in the quarrels; Marta spoke of the discrimination that feels in relation to the son in assays of Junina Party, and other mothers had said to feel the same thing. After reflections of the concepts of inclusion also pronounced in a lecture, Aline, mother of a pupil of 4 series tells distresses them staffs in relation to the son and the desire of that it was worked with it musical activities, artisan, corporal, artistic, etc., a time that the reading and the writing did not bring the return waited for it.

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Anyone can improve their memory just enough so wants it himself. There are many methods to achieve results quickly. Basically, they use imagery and associative thinking. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Stanley Gibbons. 80% of the information we store these properties because it is thinking. Let's an experiment. It is not something Charles Schwab would like to discuss. Suggest you play with your imagination and try to remember to do 15 words: pocket, bowling, milk, gates, trash, guerilla, mobile phone, currency, candy wrapper, a needle, atlas, skyscraper, an escalator, honey, shoes.

Especially remember nothing else – just follow instructions: connect the two concepts of mind: his pocket, and bowling. To do this, imagine my pocket and put it in his mind, for example, bowling alley ball. Obviously, for this purpose in mind should be reduced to increase the ball and pocket. Now you just imagine a ball, connect it with milk. To do this, put a carton of milk on the ball.

Increase the mentally package milk and put it on the gate (the gate should be less than their usual size). At the gate hangs a basket. Connect the basket with a partisan (for example, guerrillas hid behind the basket). Next – the guerrillas and a mobile phone (Partisan talking on a cell phone). Connect your mobile phone and currency. Imagine that on a cell can not talk because he always gives the screen and exchange rates and said that the currency changed to candy wrappers. In the imagination there must be a way of, for example, $ (dollar), is bound to a candy wrapper. Stick the needle in a candy wrapper. Raise the needle and insert the needle into the atlas. Connect with the atlas skyscraper. You can enhance the visual presentation of arguments like: "From a geographical atlas, marked the place on continents where there are skyscrapers." Next, connect the skyscraper to the escalator. Imagine that the top floor skyscraper rides an escalator. Can reinforce the image of the type of reasoning: "The Tower forgot to provide a lift, so I had to let the escalator." On the top step of the escalator someone broke a jar of honey. You have to mentally see honey, feel the smell, viscosity. Now imagine that someone left shoes in honey, come on honey, since it tough, shoe flew off his feet. And now, remembering all that you did in your imagination, beginning with "pocket" list all 15 words. This is one of the most simple things. As you can see, it's fun and effective. By simple exercises you can achieve good results in memorization of different types of information. Of course, if you put the task of competing at international or even Russian memoriadah, it requires high-speed memory, and consequently, the daily workouts.

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It is certainly true, but … Once my son, then a preschooler, asked me on the forehead: "What is sex?". It is true that my inquisitive offspring by the time I read a children's encyclopedia is where the graphics show how babies. But the details of the beginning of this process the artists, of course, carefully concealed. In truth, at that time I timid – the question was asked with the naivete of children, only way only children of the age and use.

It is disposed to respond as simple austere, perhaps as we were talking about breeding a rose. At that time, I hesitated and shifted the conversation to another topic. But, do not hesitate to taste the haste that according to this reasoning about the current psychology. Had found two, disparate locations, and both recommended the same thing: if the lad found out about this years at 6-8, he finds it easy, with no typical teen emotions, shame, and best of all, if that's what people close to parents for feedback on razyschut of like the question required, the exact words. But one must admit that I myself Makarenko these recommendations is attributed to his own time, which is allowed to judge the following words: "It should be noted that good sex education within the same family would have been significantly alleviated, would society as a whole It is receiving great attention to the active. " Of course = course, sex education is not only in explaining the techniques of sexual intercourse. Such limitations would be similar distortion. The main thing – it is "to teach to love, to teach divine love, to learn to be happy – so learn to appreciate himself, to teach human generosity, "and bidding up – to learn to treat a special respect to his own body.

And with these issues of quality handles clergy. The boys who attend Sunday schools, parochial diverse society, the great smekayut, to whom, at first, they were responsible for body and soul, and why it's domain should be protected. In the days of educational activities Anton Semenovich Makarenko pious regained not honored, so therefore, he gave some of its functions to doctors. Parental occupation – one of the most noteworthy cases human life. But if for any professional activity will be a separate entity, or even skill, the kids come, not by clicking diplomas. Educating a child – art, steadfastly defiant, permanent improvement. And self-improvement. Due to a lengthy biography of the remarkable familiarity with the teacher, with all his remaining poems is always a shame that about the stupid, unnatural death and remained unreduced in response to plans to end "books for parents," did not take the light of his other speeches, of which, is convinced that there was not enough. And most importantly – how much in addition kids – the sights of people he could pay the community!

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Petersburg There are 27 state universities, 15 state academies, the eight public institutions and over 50 private and 18 military institutions. A complete list of academic institutions each year is printed in a handbook for entrants. But a special place in cyberspace is the Internet, which greatly facilitates the life of a modern candidate. Internet – a storehouse of information, using it to fit your goals and objectives, You can reduce the time to find the right right now. If you're in Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Novgorod, or do you go to another city, then you start searching easier with targeted referral system that allows you to choose a university in the region, provides a link to a website address, phone number and map.

Forewarned is forearmed come to the institute without any preparation – spend time in vain. Or hand over a flyer that contains the same information as the printed directory, or sent to the stand, "where everything is written." Therefore it is better to prepare in advance and clarify some key points. The most important one – the license and accreditation of the institution. Accreditation may or may not, but the license to be required to teach. The presence of accreditation means that the education given by the state program, rather than on development of the university.

Accreditation is carried out on specific specialty, so in the same institution can issue both state and non-state diplomas. And in Russia is still in doubt refer to the diplomas of non-state sample. Learn about all the high school! Having defined the two-three schools that match your interests, abilities and / or financial means, look about them for more information. First, read the official higher school site. If the information on it is regularly updated, so students think about and waiting. On an official resource, you can usually find the following information: faculties, departments, training courses, training programs. It also contains information on admission: what documents are necessary, the period of delivery, the list of entrance tests, training costs, the conditions of admission of privileged categories of students, etc. The official university portals often have information about faculty. Second, the informal source of information about the university can become a student forums and unofficial sites – a place of communion those who had "initiated" and did. Sometimes, they give picture more vivid and accurate. Nonresident applicants may obtain valuable information about the dorm, food, medical care, libraries, etc. Do not forget to ask about the prospects of future employment. Life after high school does not end there. It is a fact. But wait, that someone will lead you by the hand and show what to do, not worth it. And to think, and do have right now, despite the stress and hurry.

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Prerequisites for the development and implementation of ict in education and science are: Federal Program "Development of a unified educational information environment, the most important result of which was a breakthrough in supplying educational establishments computers, as well as the launch and development of regional programs of informatization education project "Information System Education, whose main goal was to create conditions to support system implementation and active use of information and communication technologies in educational institutions; The priority national project "Education", implementation of measures which aimed at ensuring the availability, creation of equal conditions of education, including by ensuring that all schools access to global information resources available on the Internet, based on the priorities of the educational system of the Russian Federation in 2006 launched a federal program development of education in the years 2006 – 2010 (FTSPRO), a complex of interrelated resource and timing of activities, covering changes in the structure, content and technology education, including large-scale use in the Russian Federation, information and communication technologies for all educational levels. The program has developed a new electronic educational content, put into commercial operation of specialized Federal Center of information of educational resources (FTSIOR). The site of the Federal Center of information and educational resources can be downloaded more than 10,000 EORov new generation. ADCs – digital educational resources within the digital learning resources (ADCs) means any educational information that is stored on digital media. ADCs are divided into two groups: information sources, which refers to the whole set of different materials in a digital format used in academic work – text, static and dynamic images, animation, models, etc. .

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Average education, final stage of the basic education, with minimum duration of three years, will have as purposes: I the consolidation and the deepening of the knowledge acquired in basic education, making possible the continuation of studies; II the basic preparation for the work and the citizenship of educating, to continue learning, in order to be capable of if adapting with flexibility the new conditions of posterior occupation or perfectioning; III the improvement of educating as the person human being, including the ethical formation and the development of the intellectual autonomy and the critical thought; IV the understanding of technological the scientific beddings of the productive processes, related to the theory with the practical one, in the education of each disciplines. In such a way what it is observed is that section IV of chapter II (of the Basic Education) of the LDB mentions the question to it of average education. Thus, art. 35 display what it understands for average education and its duration: ‘ ‘ final stage of the basic education, with minimum duration of three anos’ ‘ , and it defines the purposes that must direct this education: ‘ ‘ the consolidation and the deepening of the knowledge acquired in basic education, making possible the continuation of estudos’ ‘ (interpolated proposition I), ‘ ‘ the basic preparation for the work and the citizenship of educating, to continue learning, in order to be capable of if adapting with flexibility the new conditions of occupation or perfectioning posteriores’ ‘ (interpolated proposition II), ‘ ‘ the improvement of educating as the person human being, including the ethical formation and the development of the intellectual autonomy and the thought crtico’ ‘ (interpolated proposition III) and ‘ ‘ the understanding of the scientific beddings – technological of the productive processes, related to the theory with the practical one, in the education of each disciplina’ ‘ (interpolated proposition IV)..