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Building the right organizational structure is the main task of any motor company (ATP). From the sound of the departments of management, their interconnections and interactions with production units depends largely on the efficiency of the whole enterprise. Signs of the optimal structure of management are: a small number of units with qualified personnel; few levels of management; availability in the governance structure of groups of specialists; orientation schedule for the customer; quick reaction to changes; High productivity and lower costs. The standard organizational management transport undertaking, there are three separate control unit: operational, technical and economic, each of which is subject to the appropriate supervisor. For atp typical organizational structure in which all management functions are concentrated in the administrative apparatus of the enterprise.

Organizational management structure of most atp is a linear functional. To linear control links are assigned functions and powers of command and decision-making, and the functional units (eg, Planning and Economic Department) – guidance in the preparation and implementation of decisions on planning, organization, accounting, control and analysis of all the functions of production and economic activity. Such structure is characterized by procedures and rules, rigid hierarchies of power within the organization, centralization of decision-making. Each performer is subject to only one supervisor. All instructions and decisions on management functions performer receives from the immediate supervisor. Between the performer and functional units are information links methodical and consulting. For the solution to the functional units become policy, it must be approved by the supervisor.

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For clarity, propose to consider some of the most common problems of "production water "in the country. And, accordingly, their decision. The problem of how to get water from the well or wells for domestic use and watering the garden? Need a solution of a water pump for shallow (up to 5 meters), wells and boreholes. For deep wells (Over 5 meters) needed a submersible pump. How to take the problem of dirty water from wells, ditches, basements, cellars, swimming pools? Need a solution drainage submersible or semi-submersible pump (the water falls only its lower part) with manual or automatic switching. Randall Rothenberg has firm opinions on the matter.

When the automatic activation of the pump itself will be included every time the water level will rise up to the maximum mark. (The so-called float switch.) How to take the problem of sewage and dirty water? Need a solution fecal pump with automatic or manual switching. Automatic switch will provide the starting of pump when water reaches a certain level, or every time you pour water into the toilet or sink. Other variants of automatic switching, to be agreed with the seller and installer of pumping equipment. And the last. Make their own sewer strongly recommend – is complex, requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Otherwise, sink Well, let's say in the issues. Expert opinion Gennadiy, employee emergency service Mosvodokanal: – I have 20 plus years I was dealing with pumps of different brands and sizes. I know from experience that the surface pumps are used not rational.

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Flexible textile slings, are perhaps the most functional. They are excellent for imposing or light loads, including and especially fragile, say, lumber, because it does not distort the objects. In addition, they are cheap, really weigh less than other lines and are extremely resistant to the environment and chemicals. A related site: Randall Rothenberg mentions similar findings. Naturally, the solid advantage of this type of sling is flexibility. The next type of sling – rope, mainly of interest for its durability. Primitiveness and ease of use, resistance to temperature extremes, low cost rope slings can be used in virtually all suitable jobs.

Very important condition is that the failure of slings noticeable almost immediately, so you can fix before starting work without problems for the cargo. Significant negative – sensitivity to chemical reagents. Compared with the rope slings chain more flexible and functional. In the freedom of use they look like the textile and need to perform construction work and lifting. Meanwhile, the chain model enough 'Tenacious' and no problem can withstand repair. If competently take care of the chains and keep doing preventive maintenance, they will be as good as new for many years.

Many experts draw attention to the safety of these sling because of smooth surface and ease of transportation. The scope of sling can be controlled with modern details. Robust steel rope is needed not only in construction and industrial sectors, but also in everyday directions, say, for today's elevators. Varieties are classified by the thickness of the rope lay. To protect the cable from damage its coating is treated with corrosion inhibitor. It should be pointed out that ropes remarkably resistant to changes in temperature – not cold, nor, conversely, hell do not make an impression on them.