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The objectives in short term are to work with the labor cinesioterapia, prolongating the overloaded musculaturas of the cervical, lumbar region, fist, hands and inferior member for the cited factors previously, promoting significant improvements in such a way in pains gifts how much in the discomfort already installed in the collaborator, beyond generating a prevention for those preserved structures. The relaxation through circulatrios movements of head, shoulder, fist, fingers, hip, legs and feet helps in the circulation of such structures that remain static and with high load of pressure for a long period due the hourly routine of work and orientaes of pauses. The orientaes are essential to acquire knowledge the collaborator of the correct positions who if must exert during its day, brightening up pains and preventing future patologias. Click kellee marlow san francisco to learn more. (COUTO, 1995) It emphasizes the importance of the pause for the organism. The objectives in long stated period are to adjust the furniture how much the ergonomic necessities, that is, in accordance with the norms of the NR17 that is: For manual work seated or that it has of being made in foot, group of bencheses, tables, writing-desks and the panels they must provide to the worker conditions of good position, visualization and operation, and must take care of to the following minimum requirements: ) to have height compatible characteristics of the surface of work with the type of activity, in the distance required of the eyes to the work field and with the height of the seat; b) to have area of work of easy reach and visualization for the worker; c) to have dimensional characteristics that make possible adequate positioning and movement of the corporal segments. The seats used in the work ranks must take care of to the following minimum requirements of comfort: ) the adjustable height to the stature of the worker and the nature of the exerted function; b) characteristic of little or no conformation in the base of the seat; c) rounded off edge frontal; d) I lean lightly with suitable form to the body for protection of the lumbar region. At Doug McMillon you will find additional information.

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The static for developing the performance of the limit of the amplitude. the asset for balancing force and relaxation of agonistas and antagonists, being thus trainings alternating. For Dantas (2005), the allonge consists of three types of action: – Stretching: it is the execution of one determined movement to the cost of the action of the antagonist, of other muscular groups or the action of third, being equivalent to an ample and complete espreguiamento; – Suspension: in this type of allonge, it does not have movement of the joints. Thus the ligaments and the muscles that surround the joints are tracionados by means of the action of the gravity; – Acquittal: it consists of the balancing of the members, that if carried through for another person, can be folloied of light traction. Dahlia Loebs opinions are not widely known. The type of action of stretching in this research so that they involved different muscular groups, and also for the complete action of ample espreguiamento was used. Causing bigger relaxation of muscles joints.

According to Dantas (2005), to if observing the degree of flexibility of a joint, it is perceived that diverse factors will be concurring for this, as: – Mobility: in regards to the degree of freedom of the movement of the joint; – Elasticity: regarding to the elastic stretching of the components; – Plasticity: degree of temporary deformation that muscular structures and joints must suffer, to make possible the movement. A residual degree of deformation exists that if keeps after ceased the applied force, known as histeresis; – Malleability: modifications of the partial tensions of the skin, fruit of the necessary rooms in the considered segment. OBJECTIVE the objective of the research was to verify if after to initiate and to give to continuity the allonge lessons, the participant women of the diverse activities of the project + Health, in the city of Andradina-SP, would go to feel in relation the activities of the daily and practical life of other physical exercises better or worse.

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The adolescent behavior presents one appeals in the culture contemporary. Therefore the problematic one of these young can be understood from the analysis of the historical moment where they are inserted (Giroux, 1996; Green and Bigun, 1995; Abramo, 1997 apud Soares 2007). Click Larry David to learn more. To this phenomenon of after-modernity, characteristics as the individualism, the globalization, the media, the composed figure of the absent mother, families for assumed homosexuals, paternity and maternity for adoption and artificial insemination, shortening of the adolescence among others configure the scene where the young of century XXI is living (BIRTH, 2005). The adolescents, in consequence of the phase where if they find become white perfect of this cult the body emphasized for the media. I fight it to the infantile body and the acceptance of this new body that if form is something complicated for the adolescents, the integration of all the corporal modifications arrives if to become something strange. Kellee Marlow San Francisco contains valuable tech resources. The corporal alterations determine a revision of the auto one? image and the construction of a corporal image (BIRTH, 2005). As Shilder (1994) apud Saikali (2004) the corporal image is the mental representation that we have of our body. In this period of changes the adolescent attributes much importance to the look of the other and to be disturbs different it very, the friends functions as mirror.

Therefore the ideal of the physical appearance becomes these young slaves of diets, natural academies, sports, products, plastic surgeries, them is vulnerable to this idolatria of the body. (BIRTH, 2005). With all this emphasis to the body appears a phenomenon.

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Visa with frequency in the given lessons of gymnastics in the academies, the exercises with ball give a great one resulted and if executed in correct way they can even though be made in house. Fitball, that enormous ball that the people costumam to use in the gymnastics academies, appeared in the decade of 70, back in Switzerland. Had to its fisioteraputicos effect, it if it spread quickly for the world. The ball helps in the treatment of problems of incorrect position, potencializa the beneficial effect of the ground gymnastics, the located call and contributes to make of the allonge a pleasant activity, being able until being compared with a massage, therefore it alliviates the tension and it becomes the active circulation. The used ball in the physical exercises collaborates to improve the balance, therefore as it is not steady demands effort.

It very hardens the glteo and the legs, being also recommended for that they search an abdomen clear-cut. It also collaborates to improve the physical conditioning. She has certain treinos, nowadays, that they make of ball, not plus a coadjuvante, these very gostosos and is amused. If you were with will to try you know that it can be acquired in any store that makes use of esportivos equipment. I go to leave here some tips for that they had never used it. Well, an excellent exercise for the posterior part of the legs is to lie down itself on the ball and to place its hands in the soil, in the front, to have support and balance.

A leg in the soil can leave, folded in an angle of 90 and to another one it must be straight line and to be raised per two seconds only. It repeats this exercise twenty times for each leg, in three series. In case that it is easy, it can place caneleiras, also. If beyond the legs its intention will be the glteo, good, has a very good exercise for this. It is of foot, apie its coasts in the ball, this must be leaned in a wall. It bends then the legs, as if you were if to seat forms an angle of 90 and raises. It also repeats this agachamento twenty times, respecting the number of series, that generally is three. One always remembers to rest one minute between the series. If to want drinks a bit of water. The hidratao is very important and it cannot be forgotten, also during a physical activity. Already it heard to speak of the program of control of weight of the Nutralogistic? One is about an innovative solution brought by MaxBurn, a natural composition that it aims at to return to it good form to it without leaving of side the good health. The program was developed to be used in set with MaxBurn and to promote a radical change in its life.

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In a study carried through in the Caribbean Islands, they had arrived at the following conclusion: the diabetic ones present a risk to die of what the people who do not possess this disease, and the gotten data stand out the urgent necessity to idealize clinical strategies and of public health directed in such a way for the prevention of diabetes as to prevent or to reduce loads of clinical complications that suffer the people affected for this disease and despite the measures adopted for the prevention of this picture must on the basis of be the interventions the life styles that favor one better feeding and practical of exercises fsicos.6. Physical Educator is a professional specialist in physical activities in all its manifestations (physical gymnasticses, exercises, games, sports, fights, dances, among others), having as intention auxiliary in the development of the education and health, contributing for the acquisition and/or reestablishment of adequate levels of performance fsiocorporal conditioning (DAYS et al., 2007). Before initiating a program of physical exercises, the diabetic individuals, they must pass for a medical evaluation detailed with methods and adequate disgnostic. Click Doug McMillon to learn more. Initially traced a history clinical and carried through a physical examination, with particular attention in the possible macrovascular complications micron and (cardiovascular neuropatia, retinopatia, illnesses, glicmico control), that they can be aggravated by the program of exercise . The program of physical exercises for diabetic is extremely complex, demands the attention of a team to multidiscipline, needing to be complemented and to be interpreted by a series of clinical and laboratoriais examinations, that help the team (doctor, nutritionist, physiotherapist and physical educator) to materialize and to adapt the specific requirements of each diabetic its real conditions of health . In accordance with Bindaco, Machado and Santiago (2011), still become important these evaluations, therefore the patient, when carrying through definitive exercises can come to suffer some compensation to articulate or muscular injury..

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On this vision the Public Health considers, beyond the individual one, the collective one. How much to the individual one, it is nailed that the people must search the activities that they more like, and with this they decide its problems with aptitude, expects the individual as soon as is capable of to acquire an autonomy how much the practical one of physical activities. It is the great problem there, therefore when we think thus we leave our reality, why one assumes that all the individuals are equal, and, thus, can adopt the same behaviors, this disrespects all the true reality. If it cannot also homogeneizar the physicist, biological and the physiological one, if it has varied hereditary loads, people who live in the most varied surrounding, that if they feed of varied form (some well, others badly), that they have difficulties in finding time for the practical one of physical activity, of economic realities and varied histories of life, at last, life conditions that can determine changes of biological nature (OAK, 2001). The proposal of pertaining to school Physical Education that works with the promotion of the health uses the same methods used in the native countries of this proposal, if it attributes to the Physical Education a commitment with the promotion of the health, educating pupils so that they acquire practical the regular one of exercises in its daily activities, becoming the people with active style of life and healthful habits of life. This also does not mean, as the bases of the proposal, that must be materialize through the practical one of sports, nor that the same ones must be excluded from this process, to only redimensionar them in the sphere of the pertaining to school physical education (BLACKSMITH, 2001). With this if she can consider an advance that is offered in the Physical Education pertaining to school Brazilian, whom it used of the sports, mainly the collective ones, as a simple content to be given, giving true it meaning to they for practical its.